The Kansas City Chiefs are now without their second-best receiver in Sammy Watkins. While most fans will be sad to see him go, the move may have been justified.

Watkins played a crucial part in the Chiefs Super Bowl win over San Francisco. However, this move may eventually help the team. First, let’s talk details.

Sammy Watkins played just three seasons with the Chiefs. However, he didn’t play three seasons’ worth of games for Kansas City. Watkins dealt with a lot of injuries during his stint in Kansas City.

The Chiefs Kingdom will definitely miss Sammy Watkins, and there is no questioning that. I’m sure if you asked Watkins how grateful he was to be apart of the team, he would tell you some type of reasonable answer.

The Chiefs kind of helped him revitalize his career. Watkins was already on his second team in four years before joining Kansas City and his third team in five years in his first year with the team.

After three years with the team, Sammy Watkins will now be on his fourth team. This time, it’s a potential AFC rival in the Baltimore Ravens.

Former Kansas City Receiver Watkins Signs With Ravens

Sammy Watkins has now signed a deal with the Baltimore Ravens to have him there for at least a year unless he is traded or cut. Watkins was very helpful for the Chiefs, but some things did not go his way in Kansas City.

Watkins never played an entire season for the Chiefs. You know what they say, availability is the best ability. In 2018, Watkins played just ten games for the Chiefs and finished with just over 500 receiving yards.

2019 was undoubtedly his best season with the Chiefs, as Watkins played 14 games and missed just two due to injury. During the Super Bowl-winning season, Watkins finished with over 600 receiving yards and was an excellent third option for Mahomes.

Last season, injuries played a big part in Watkin’s season.
In just ten games, he was not available to help the team as much. Sammy Watkins never really showed out in Kansas City, but that could also be due to the weapons on hand for Mahomes.

Now with Baltimore, he gives former MVP Lamar Jackson the ability to have more passing options. The Ravens struggled in that area last season, and Watkin will surely fill a void if he is available.

Watkins will be missed in Kansas City for sure. However, now he is the enemy, and the Chiefs won’t take that lightly after the year they just had.
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